Meet the high school students of the Matiku Community


Emali is a small town on the Mombasa-Nairobi road. Turning left into the African bush and driving for six miles you will discover the local village, Matiku. A friendly, but poor, community where visitors are very welcome.

Three shabby school buildings are bunched together catering for 700 elementary and primary students. Behind the school building is a shed, with no roof, that fills the role of a kitchen and behind the kitchen was another small building hidden by a water tank.

That small building was the secondary school for 51 students for Form 1 (Grade 9) and Form 2 (Grade 10) students. Having completed Form1 and 2 the students had to transfer to a high school that was over fifty miles away and with the expenses associated with transferring most of them stopped their formal education.

So, let the pictures finish their story!


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